Monday, November 24, 2008

From the Mailbag: We'll Have a Gay Ol' Time!

[Welcome Industry Radar readers!]
We get some interesting, often provocative email here at IB. For example, we're constantly bombarded with offers to host advertising links for various products and services (which we always decline). We also get a lot of "insider info" from various politicos and lobbying organizations, some of which make good blog-fodder.
Today's mail, however, brought something completely different:
"Market to the Gay Friendly Insurance Agents Community-One of the fastest growing market today.
...They would also like to secure the services of all the professionals who are a part of the process in securing and protecting their dream home...We don't request an exorbitant premium to be listed on our directory, nor do we demand a portion of your commissions, like some other gay sites do."
Frankly, I think this is a tremendous idea: while this isn't a new market, per se, it seems to me that it's most likely an underserved one. The email seems to imply that they're really looking for P&C agents as opposed to life and health, although that would certainly be an interesting niche, as well.
As noted above, we'll decline this offer (because we do no paid advertising here), but if there are any P&C agents who'd like to know more about it, just drop me a line and I'll send you the site's info.
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