Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mo Money

Education is broken. The solution?

Mo money.

The economy is broken. The solution?

Mo money (higher tax rates).

The health care system is broken. The solution?

Mo money.

And who has mo money than anyone? Certainly not the government. They are flat broke to the tune of $9.3 TRILLION.

Wealthy individuals? Sure. Tax the wealthy. No problem right?

Unless of course you need a job.

You only have two choices when you want a job.

Work for the government, or work for a rich person. Over-tax the rich person and where do the jobs go?

OK then. How about the insurance companies? They have lot's of money lying around.

It seems Dr. Rhonda Medows wants to do just that.

The state of Georgia is running short of cash. Funding may not be available for education, government jobs . . . or health care.

So what is her solution?

Ask health insurance companies to pony up the money.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let's look at how this idea evolved.

More than half of Georgia’s population is excluded from private health insurance.

Really? How did she arrive at that conclusion?

Approximately 38 percent of Georgians receive health care through government-funded programs, i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, PeachCare, etc. An additional 17 percent are uninsured and receive some care from safety net clinics funded in part by local, state and federal governments.

If her figures are correct, then 55% of the population is already covered as a result of taxes. Apparently Dr. Medows is unclear on how governments derive their income.

And why should carriers make a contribution to this plan?

Hopefully the health insurance companies will choose to contribute this as civic rent to assist with a societal need as opposed to passing more costs onto their remaining clients.

Civic rent.

And where will this money come from?

Higher prices.

Comment to Dr. Medows. The government doesn't have any money of their own. Businesses do not pay taxes (or civic rent).

The government derives income from taxpayers. Businesses derive income from customers.

Bottom line is, we all pay.

(Thanks to Paul Manchester for the tip)
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