Friday, August 15, 2008

No Free Lunches on the MVNHS©

But how could this be? After all, our Cousins across the Pond enjoy a free health care system that is far superior to our own "broken system," at least according to the folks pushing for us to adopt such a plan. Yet here we have actual cases of folks being forced to choose between food and health care. I thought that only happened here?
Perhaps this is a reason why Britain's cancer survival rate is so much lower than ours.
45 year old Amanda Whetstone is a cancer survivor (so far) whose regular course of chemo has ended. The good news is that it apparently worked, the bad news is that she requires follow-up med's that take a pretty good chunk out of her fixed income (she's on the British equivalent of SSDI). She makes about $700 a month, and her meds take about $90 of that. And because of her limited income, she's putting off trips to the eye doctor and dentist (but I thought these are all free?!).
Gee, why can't we have such a great system here?
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