Saturday, August 09, 2008

An InsureBlog First

I'm indeed fortunate to have known Bob for eight years or so (according to my profile at a consumer bulletin board we both visit regularly, and where we "met"). Over the course of those years, we've exchanged countless emails and phone calls. A few months after I set up IB, we became co-bloggers, as well.
Bob was an amazing help to me during the last few months, and especially days, of my mother's life. I knew that I could call him any time I needed to, and he would offer support and much needed perspective.
We've gotten to know each other's families, as well, which has been the source of much fun (and we both hope neither of our spouses read all our emails).
But until Friday evening, we had never physically met each other.
In a sense, that's the wonder and power of the internet: that people can "connect," become good friends, and never be in the same physical location. Last week, my family took a much needed vacation (our first in 2 years!), traveling down to Florida to visit relatives and bask on the beautiful beaches. On our way back, we stopped in The Big Peach, and (finally) met up with Bob and his beautiful, charming and articulate better half. We spent over 4 hours together (perhaps to the consternation of my 17 year old daughter, who accompanied us).
Actually, it was much more of a reunion than a "first date:" we'd all had so much experience talking about each other that it was as if we'd known each other for many, many years. Still, there were new things to be learned, experiences (and wine) to be shared, as we finally broke the distance barrier.
Although I had a wonderful time in Florida, I know that it was our evening with the Vineyard's that became the highlight of our trip. Thanks to both for their warm hospitality and generous spirit.
Surprisingly, until Friday evening, the only co-blogger I'd ever "seen" was Mike Feehan, whose TV debut we featured earlier this year. So for those who've always wondered, be careful what you wish for:

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