Wednesday, August 20, 2008

IB In The News (Again)

One of the neat fringe benefits of blogging is the opportunity for even greater exposure (no, not that kind). Mike's been on TV, and both Bob and I've been interviewed by various trade and news magazines. As a result of a post I did back in June, I was contacted by Private Payment Watch, a monthly newsletter that "reports on private payer fee schedules, reimbursement strategies on out-of-network payments, out-of-state claims, contract negotiating strategies, credentialing and more." They were interested in how providers could encourage their patients to more effectively use their HSA's.
On the basis of that post (and some helpful comments from reader Robin Fisk), I was recently interviewed by PPW for their August issue:

There's actually a bit more, and I'd recommend this newsletter to folks in the business of handling providers' accounts receiveable.

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