Thursday, August 14, 2008


Looks like picking on the poor folks at the MVNHS©, bureaucrats in Oregon and misguided policy wonks has caught up with me, and I'm now in the hoosegow. The good news is, it's for a good cause: The Muscular Dystrophy Association's annual fund-raising drive.
Could you help a blogger out (of gaol), and at the same time give new hope to folks who suffer from this terrible disease? Your tax-deductible donation will help families living in our community (and help guarantee me an early release!).
Just click here to make your contribution.
A few years ago, InsureBlog readers helped propel us into the Top 40 (out of 1800) blogs in raising money for our fellow Americans devastated by Hurricane Katrina. I'm hoping that we can make the same kind of difference for Jerry's Kids.
Thank You!
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