Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Atta Boy, Gov!

This would be filed under "Intelligent Government Tricks," if we had such a category. Still, given our enthusiasm for pointing out the dumb things gummint does, it seems only fair to celebrate rational decisions made by the state.
There's been a push in Ohio to make paid sick leave mandatory. This is commonly called a "stealth tax," (or "unfunded mandate") because it would force employers to pay extra wages, with no reimbursement from the state. These extra costs would be passed on to consumers, in a state economy that's already in the doldrums.
Fortunately, Democrat Governor Ted Strickland understands the economics of these kids of tactics, and has come out against the ballot issue that would enable them (Issue 4). He and Lt Governor Lee Fisher have said that the mandate would be "unworkable, unwieldy and would be detrimental to Ohio's economy."
Hear, Hear!
[Hat Tip: Ohio PIA]
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