Monday, July 28, 2008

Amigo? No Gracias!

And yes, that is how one says "no, thanks" in Spanish. And what's the reason behind our bilingual foray? I'll answer that question with another question.
What's wrong with this picture:
Dear Henry,
Recently I emailed you information on our LOW cost “Amigo” Short-Term Life...You may recall this is the short-term [plan] that
· Has only a $50.00 deductible at any Urgent Care Facility
· Has NO Proof of Citizenship
· GREAT Rates
[From email]
Catch that? "Has NO Proof of Citizenship."
Anyone else have a problem with that?
Okay, as an insurance guy, my first thought is supposed to be: "Great, a vast new untapped market. And now illegal aliens will have access to insurance products to help pay for health care, thereby reducing my costs."
And there's obviously merit in that position.
But I take a different view: Why are we promoting and enabling folks who are here illegally to become "part of the system?" Isn't there a greater issue here? Shouldn't we be focusing on folks who are here legally, by rewarding them for playing by the rules (i.e. following the law), rather than those who flaunt them? And if someone is willing to break one set of laws, then why would we suppose that any answers on an application would be truthful? And just so we have no doubts about the point of this excercise, or the target market, the website immediately offers "Click Here for a quote in Spanish."
I am appalled.
[H/T to Hannah S for the Spanish lesson]
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