Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oy Canada: Yer Outta Here! Edition

Ah, those Compassionate Canucks©. First, they leave patients in gurneys lounging around the hallways for a week at a time. Then, they fast-track Fido for cancer treatments, ahead of his owner. And now, it's so long, don't let the door hit ya...
Seems that Ms Tejada was actually recruited to come to Canada as part of Canada's "federal live-in caregiver program." This is a deal where foreign nationals agree to come live and work in Canada, providing daycare for Junior Canucks. As long as they complete the three year program (and pass some background checks), they're fast-tracked to permanent resident status.
Unless, of course, they get sick. Then the Canadian health system is not so much "compassionate" as "stingy." This is pretty ironic, considering how much money we Americans are willing to spend on illegal immigrants. But our system is somehow "inferior" to theirs?!
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