Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh Yeah, It CAN Happen here

Over the years, we've chronicled the reckless, often deadly exploits of the MVNHS© (Britain's Much Vaunted National Health System©). Indeed, only a few weeks ago, we reported on the tragic case of an English grandmum who was denied potentially life-saving treatment. There are those who think that such things could never happen here; we know how to balance the good of the many with the needs of the few.
Think again:
That's right, Barbara Wagner's been offered an admittedly effective (if draconian) treatment alternative: death. Granted, this would end her suffering and save untold thousands of taxpayer-provided dollars. But does anyone else think that this might be, um, drastic?
The good news, such as it is, is that nasty ol' Big Pharma has stepped up to the plate:
"(A) drug manufacturer that it will provide the expensive medication, estimated to cost $4,000 a month, for the first year and then allow her to apply for further treatment."
And yet we're constantly told that private sector-based health care is bad, while gummint-provided care is good. Maybe in Bizarro World, but apparently not in The Beaver State.
To add insult to (grevious) injury, Dr. John Sattenspiel (senior medical director of the company that runs Oregon's health plan) averred that there was "no intent to upset her, but we do need to point out the options available to her under the Oregon Health Plan."
Gee, I feel better already.
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