Friday, May 16, 2008

Move Over Richard Simmons

Want to get fit?

Maybe not Tina Turner fit, but more than a couch spud.

Nintendo has an idea to get you up, moving and having fun.

Wii Fit will hit the shelves next week.

Next week, the video game producer will unveil its latest product aimed mostly at women, the Wii Fit, as part of its strategy to vastly broaden the world of gaming. Marketing to women has helped Nintendo defy industry expectations and garner blockbuster sales, soaring profits, and an audience of loyalists along the way including senior citizens, teen girls, and working moms.

Working moms.

Isn't that redundant?

In Nintendo-speak, women and moms in particular were the "chief household officer" that they were eager to attract.

Chief Household Officer.

Beats the heck out of Rosanne's "Domestic Goddess."

Nintendo Canada is wooing women through ad placements for Wii Fit in "pink collar" magazines such as Best Health and with the web site, launched to help teach moms about the Wii system and offers instructions on how organize a Wii party.

Wii party.

Move over Pampered Chef.

It also features recipes.

Perhaps I was a bit hasty.

Now if it can teach them to dance like Tina Turner, they might have a winner.
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