Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ch-Ch-Changes: HSA Edition

Each year, the gummint publishes the updated guidelines for the following year's Health Savings Accounts (HSA). These are generally adjusted for inflation, and reflect the reality of increasing costs of health care. For example, this year's limit on how much one can contribute to an HSA is $2,900 ($5,800 for a family). That's scheduled to increase next year (2009), to $3,000 for individuals, and $5,950 for families.
Keep in mind that the amount one can contribute to the loss fund (HSA) is not bound to (or by) one's actual deductible. This year, the minimum deductible for an HSA-compliant plan is $1,100; that's slated to increase by $50 next year. For families, this year's minimum is $2,200, and increases to $2,300 in 2009.
For those so inclined, that means that one can "stuff" more dollars into the loss fund to pre-pay a future expense, or as an additional retirement resource.
I know, that's a lot of numbers, but if you own an HSA, they're pretty important.
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