Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And the Answer is: 42!

Well, that was Douglas Adams' answer, anyway. The question was: what's the answer to life, the universe and everything? A better question might be: how come so many people think nationalized health care is such a good idea? A common answer is that we'd do away with those eeeevil insurance companies, and that everyone would have access to affordable, competent health care.
Oh, yeah?
Better tell that to our Neighbors to the North©:
Yet she spent almost a week without treatment, and was seen by a doc only after the newspaper called and raised a fuss. Still, dangerous waits and provider shortages are rare in the medical utopia, right?
Not so much:
"This is a terrible environment. I suggested taking her to another hospital, but we were told there are long waits across the region and the doctors we need are here."
Too bad Mrs Degasperis didn't know about CoverMe, the health insurance supplement for our Canadian friends:
That's right, folks Up North can buy insurance for their, um, insurance. Which begs the question: if nationalized health care is so good (not to mention "free"), how come they still need medical insurance supplements?
Oy Canada!
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