Friday, April 25, 2008

Carpet Cleaning Copays

A few nights ago my wife and I were enjoying a DVD movie in the den and having a snack which included a mid priced, but flavorful Merlot. Something happened, I don't recall what, but Rachel spilled her glass of wine on the oriental rug.

Actually, when we bought it years ago it was an oriental rug. I suppose today it would be an Asian-American rug.

The rug is probably 30 years old. We vacuum it on a regular basis and have had it professionally cleaned a few times for a small fortune.

Through almost 30 years, two kids, dogs and even a few escaped gerbil's the rug has survived.

Now I was envisioning our treasure that was ruined by a glass of wine.

Deep red really stands out against a cream colored background with sprinkles of blue, green and a touch of red.

The folks at Stanley Steemer do an outstanding job on carpet but I figured this was beyond them. I will probably have to find an Asian-American rug doctor to fix this. I will pay a king's ransom to have the spot removed.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a copay?

You know. Pay someone of Asian or Middle Eastern descent $20 to fix my rug? How cool is that?

But having such a copay plan would probably be cost prohibitive. I mean, how many times do you spill red wine on a rug while watching Bullitt?

Since I did not have a carpet cleaning copay, I did the next best thing. Thanks to Al Gore, I have the internet.

Seems we don't need a copay, or even someone with a foreign accent to clean the spot. All we needed was some hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish washing detergent.

Fortunately we had both on hand.

Wonder if health insurance could be as simple?
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