Friday, March 14, 2008

Client #8

From time to time we will relate the adventures we experience in the world of insurance as it pertains to our clients. While the situations are real (no one could make this stuff up) we do disguise the identities to protect their privacy.

This post will contrast the difference in two clients.

Let's just refer to them as Client #8 and Client #9.

Client #8 is a long time client who has grown to trust my advice.

Client #9 is also a long time client, but somehow doesn't feel satisfied with the work we do.

Client #8 appreciates the long hours of devotion and care we give.

Client #9 believes we should do more.

Client #8 is pleased with all the money they save and is socking it away for future needs . . . perhaps in an HSA.

Client #9 is also pleased with the money he saves, but rather than saving his money, he chooses to spend it on expensive toys.

Client #8 values our advice and does not see a need for seeking outside counsel.

Client #9 also values our advice, but perhaps not to the same extent as Client #8 and feels a need for a second opinion.

Client #8 will remain a client for years to come.

Client #9 will most likely terminate our relationship before too long and move on.

We wish only the best for Client #9.
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