Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Government Bailout

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In a few months an estimated 26,000,000 families will lose coverage. This could effect well over 60,000,000 Americans.

A new government mandate will affect households all over the country. Old, young, rich, poor . . . this law is merciless and indiscriminate.

But a taxpayer bailout is on the way. Without this assistance, many will be denied access to even the most basic services.

Yes, I am talking about the law that goes into effect on February 17, 2009 when TV sets that receive their signal over the air will go black.

Without a converter box, households of the poor and wealthy alike will be unable to view local programming. Of course those who are privileged enough to receive their signal on a new, digital TV as well as those who have cable or satellite service will not be affected.

Once again the wealthy have privileges that separate them from the rest of us.

Watching TV should be free. It should be a right of every American.

If you are going to lose your service next year you can ask the government to give you a coupon to help you purchase a converter box.

Personally, we think Americans should ask congress to repeal this discriminatory practice. Otherwise, those who live on the borders to neighboring Canada or Mexico may be forced to receive their services from other countries where TV services are free.

We should have the same privileges as residents of other countries where TV is free. Despite spending $1.5 billion in taxpayer dollars, we believe this program will fall short. Citizens will find that the coupon falls short of covering the full cost of a converter box. Unless congress authorizes more coupons there will be countless numbers of Americans who miss out on this lottery.
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