Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Something Missing

It is always interesting (to me at least) to read stories of people who are "stuck" in limbo without health insurance. Numbers and horror stories are thrown out as a reason for overhauling a system that works for 85% of the population.

One story came across my radar about a man in Augusta, GA who has tried for 16 months to find health insurance.

Alan Venable says he has tried to find health insurance but can't.

The reason?

"I'm pretty sure it's because I'm single, a single source of income for them. They claim preexisting condition, but I don't think they want to write policies for single individuals."

The carriers CLAIM a pre-existing condition, yet Mr. Venable seems to challenge this by deflecting the argument away from any health condition.

His argument as to why carriers are denying his coverage?

They don't want to write single individuals.

That's odd. I live in Georgia and have quite a few single policyholders.

Mr. Venable's claim is even substantiated by the reporter.

Obviously, he wants health insurance, and is willing to pay for it. Venable has no major medical problems, but he's being told, time and time again, by the insurance companies, they will not sell it to him.

Something isn't adding up.

Mr. Venable is willing to pay. He has no major medical issues. Carriers refuse to sell him a policy.

I am going to call Mr. Venable in an attempt to find out the REAL truth.
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