Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Must Be an Election Year (Part 3)

Our Constitution protects every citizen against discrimination . . . Applying these fundamental gains to our health care system is the right thing to do,

The right thing to do.

And the answer is?

I've introduced the No Discrimination in Health Insurance Act. This essential legislation will guarantee access to affordable care for every citizen in America by bringing an end to discriminatory practices employed by insurance companies who deny life-saving coverage to millions of Americans solely because of their pre-existing medical conditions.

How does one define affordable?

Of course Rep. Kagen is confusing health CARE with health INSURANCE.

No wonder he misses the mark.

Shouldn't health insurance companies be made to openly disclose all their prices, so everyone sees the lowest price for insurance policies?

Apparently Rep. Kagen is not familiar with the internet. All one has to do is Google "health insurance" and they will instantly find a list of hundreds of sites where one can find pricing for all plans from a particular carrier or even multiple carriers.

Like prices for gas at the corner service station or food prices in your closest grocery store, every citizen should have the equal opportunity to pay the same price for the same product.

So is he going to end discrimination in food prices as well? Does that mean that bologna will now be the same price as filet mignon?


working people cannot afford health insurance


no one -- rich or poor, young or old, anywhere in these United States -- should be denied access to affordable care.

So which is it?

Affordable health care or affordable health insurance?

Perhaps a remedial course in English is in order.

Is. Rep. Kagen up for election?
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