Thursday, February 21, 2008

Health Wonk Review

Hank is enjoying his new toy and continuing to recover from his injury, so he asked me to fill in.

Hopefully, he will live to regret it . . .

In the meanwhile his injury is causing him to favor the left. I suppose a few weeks of therapy will move him back to the right.

Enough about him.

GoozNews hosts HWR this week. You will find a wide range of topics to soothe (or infuriate) the savage beast in you.

There were several that caught my eye, including this from Health Business Blog concerning consumers and transparency.

The debate goes on about the lack of good data for the consumer, which is true up to a point. The item that resonated with me is how few consumers really avail themselves of the data. We in the health insurance industry have dumbed down the health care consumer to the point that all they know is copays. Even when data is available, it is often confusing which perhaps contributes to the frustration.

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