Friday, February 22, 2008

Food Insurance

Hard to pass up a sale, right?

Advertisers pelt us with after this and before that sales. We have end of the year sales, holiday sales, going out of business sales, grand opening sales.

Does anyone pay retail?

Apparently not.

And certainly not when it comes to health care.

According to Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute,

"The person who consumes the health care pays about $0.15 on the dollar.

So who pays the rest?

Health care is paid for by insurance, and insurance is paid for by employers or by the government."

Is it any wonder we, as a nation, suffer from over-consumption of health care? This excess demand has as much to do with driving up the cost of care, and the resulting cost of insurance, as anything.

Imagine how this system might work if transported to other industries?

What if meals in a restaurant only cost $0.15 on the dollar? Would McDonalds go out of business or convert to white table cloth service? At the drive through you could order filet mignon, risotto, mixed green salad (dressing on the side) and a nice Bordeaux. You pay $4, your food insurance carrier pays the rest.

Or how about a nice automobile?

What would happen to Chevrolet & Kia? Why buy one of those when you can have that BMW you always wanted?

How much?

Just $69 per month . . . your auto insurance carrier pays the rest.


So tell me. Why does anyone want health care reform when we, as consumers, pay so little for care?

Seems to me we need reform in auto insurance and the carriers need to develop food insurance policies.
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