Thursday, February 14, 2008

California Dreamin'

Fresh on the heels of a recent legislative defeat, Golden State residents who live in the Los Angeles area face another blow:
We've seen this kind of thing happen in other metro areas, as well. The problem seems to be high demand and little remuneration:
"On paper, it looks like they're trying to achieve savings without cuts in services, but the numbers leave more questions unanswered," opines community activist Yolanda Vera. Last year, you may recall, the dreadful Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital was shuttered, after at least one person bled to death waiting on help that never arrived. Unfortunately, this left a void in the system, which other gummint-run providers haven't been able to fill.
So what happens now?
Sheer magic, that's what:
"Officials said they plan for private, nonprofit clinics to step into the gap and provide care to most of the displaced patients for a lower cost than the public system."
Watch out for that little phrase, "nonprofit:" contrary to popular belief, this doesn't mean "at a loss." Someone has to pay for these services (of course, physicians could just do it for free, though, right?), and guess who these "Officials" have in mind?
"Under the plan, the county would then spend..."
As we know, "counties" don't actually have any money to spend; they collect taxes from their citizens and redistribute those funds.
What a plan!
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