Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Something New Here...

I subscribe to the school of thought that short blogrolls are better. That is, a huge laundry list of links is less useful than a shorter, more directed one. So I rarely add to ours.
Segue: There exists a whole community of "patient bloggers" ("patient" as in under the care of a physician, not necessarily easy-going) who write about their experiences. IB frequent commenter Marc is one such. Within the medblog community, though, few are as well-known and respected as Amy Tenderich, who blogs at the award-winning Diabetes Mine.
Amy writes poignant, insightful posts on her experiences as a diabetic, as well as reporting on the latest diabetes research and news. There is no self-pity. Rather, she inspires others to stay strong and positive.
I am proud to add her terrific site to our blogroll. Do check it out.
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