Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Low Margin Patients

Got Medicare?

Love it?

Think everyone should have it?

Might want to reconsider.

Mounting pressure on doctors stemming from Medicare has New Jersey physicians thinking about dropping patients with the federal insurance.

Dropping patients.

That would be . . . rationing of services.

The group says Medicare reimbursements are falling behind the rising cost of running a doctor’s office in New Jersey,

Falling behind.

Scott says spine surgeons and some other specialists have already stopped taking Medicare users, mostly because they can’t afford to see “low-margin patients.”

Low margin patients.

Kind of has a ring to it.

“Doctors need to think of their practice as a business, and they need to come up with creative ways to deal with changing reimbursements,”

Sounds like docs are for-profit practitioners. Some feel that profit and medical care are mutually exclusive terms.

That is mostly coming from low margin patients.
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