Monday, January 28, 2008

Grand Rounds Fiasco

One of the most well-known and -read blog "carnivals" is Grand Rounds. It's a round-up of posts from medbloggers (those who blog primarily in the health field). We've been enthusiastic participants for several years.
Most carnivals stick with one, primary means of submission. This can be (for example) Blog Carnival, which automates the process, or through email. Grand Rounds typically goes the latter route; one submits a post via email to the host blog. Entries are due by the Sunday before a 'Rounds.
Last Friday, I clicked over to the host for tomorrow's scheduled edition to see if there were any last minute changes or suggestions. The hostess had two 'Rounds-related posts, both directing bloggers to use her email address. So, I did so.
And the email bounced. I tried again, and it bounced again. Thinking that I had inadvertently copied an incorrect "addy," I popped over and found that I had, indeed, been using the (supposedly) correct address. I also noticed that both of her 'Rounds entries had comments from other bloggers who had experienced the same problem. I joined the growing chorus, and waited. As of this evening, she has made no response in either post, nor has she contacted us to let us know that she was aware of the problem.
Is this a "big deal?"
Of course not.
But what's the point of blogging if you can't whine once in a while?
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