Friday, November 02, 2007

Soylent Green Redux?

Fans of the cult 70's sci-fi "hit" may recall that one of the plot points was euthenizing senior citizens. While the Much Vaunted NHS© may not espouse that most literal solution, it certainly sent a powerful, difficult-to-miss message that its seniors are "expendable:"
The MVNHS© determined that Edward Crane actually needed the surgery, and went so far as to refer him to Queen's Hospital (a figure of speech, almost certainly: I doubt Her Highness was actually on tap to perform the procudure). But the facility kept cancelling and rescheduling, until Mr Crane was left with no choice but to self-finance the entire cost of the operation.
I think his daughter said it best when she observed "(h)e has nothing left now. It's not fair how the NHS treats old people."
Will our politically-savvy and active senior class (as in "mature") stand for such treatment as part of a gummint-run system here?
Only when we pull the scalpel from their cold, dead hands.
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