Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sex Insurance

Does your insurance pay for sex? If not, should it?

According to Dr. Ruth "sex is the glue that holds a relationship together".

Glue huh?

sex is considered a frill, something that is enjoyable to engage in, but certainly not necessary.

Frill? I consider it a fringe benefit.

There are lots of reasons that couples don't go to see a sex therapist when they run into problems--including embarrassment--but one of the biggest is the lack of insurance coverage.


"Gee honey, we really should see a sex therapist but my policy doesn't cover that."

That's pretty lame.

because of the lack of insurance, many such couples just fumble through these changes, often losing their sex life along the way. That’s one reason why so many older men go off in search of a mistress,

Insurance didn't cover sex therapy so I went looking for a mistress.

Right . . .
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