Friday, November 16, 2007

MVNHS©: Like a Virgin

While the Much Vaunted NHS© has no compunction about withholding potentially life-saving cancer treatments, it's less sanguine about denying other "medically necessary" procedures:
Regular IB readers may recall our IVF "kerfluffle" a few years ago: I fail to see where this process crosses the "medical necessity" threshold, either. It boggles the mind that this procedure costs upwards of $8,000 a pop.
The catalyst, and rationale, behind this sudden burst of medical activity appears to be cultural rather than medical. I have nothing against most religious practices, but I don't see why the taxpayer is required to fund them.
The MVNHS© has a history of acquiescing to a specific cultural bloc, which may explain why they've rolled over so easily on this issue, as well.
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