Monday, November 12, 2007

Guess Who is Coming to Abu Dhabi?

And Turkey, China, Thailand and . . .

Just like we have exported fast food to foreign nations, now it seems that health care is moving in and taking root. Famous names like Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, Duke and others are now "franchising" on foreign soil.

In a way it makes sense.

Just last month the original Maytag plant in Newton, Iowa closed its' doors. The dependable Maytag appliances will still be around but will be built in Mexico instead of Iowa.

If washing machines can be built in Mexico at a lower cost then why not hip replacements in India?

If Mexican workers can put the Maytag emblem on washers & dryers then why not Indian health care workers put the Harvard Medical International seal of approval on an artificial hip?

"It's not good enough any more to be the greatest name in American medicine," he says. "If one is truly going to be a global leader, [you] have to try to figure out how to work globally."

Well there you go.

Thanks to Stephanie Ramage of Sunday Paper for this tip!
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