Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Mini Link-Fest

■ Over at Roth & Co, FoIB Joe Kristan has some disturbing news about Section 419 plans (no, not that kind of 419).
In the life insurance field, Sect 419 plans are (or rather, were) a way to deduct life insurance premiums from income taxes. Joe reports that the IRS is cracking down on these plans, and the folks who implement them, in a big way.
■ From time to time, we like to highlight new (to us) blogs that pique our interest. IB commenter Tiffany has one such, which she's titled, eponymously, Tiffany Insurance. She's particularly proud of this post, which discusses why she thinks health insurance should be dealt with on a state by state basis.
Do check it out.
■ From the "Heartwarming Health Stories Dept:" Kevin Connolly, now a 22 year old college senior, was born without legs.
Now, though, you can catch him zipping around Bozeman (MT) on his skateboard. When he's not 'boarding or studying, he talks about his amazing adventures. Recommended.
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