Saturday, October 20, 2007

Prepaid Health Care and the $1000 Oil Change

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Eighty-percent of people who buy employer-sponsored health insurance incur less than $1,200 in yearly health-care expenses. Another 10-percent accrue expenses totaling $1,200-$3,000. The final 10-percent require more than $3,000 to cover their yearly health-care needs.

This is not a trade secret, yet consumers seem to ignore their own past as well as national stats.

But the average group (employer-sponsored) health-insurance policy costs $350-$800 every month — up to $9,600 yearly per employee. The reason for this high cost, low value equation is simple: Blue Cross, CIGNA, HealthNet, and every other major carrier aren’t selling you health insurance. Their expensive premiums fund pre-paid health care.

Prepaid health care. I like that term. May have to steal it.
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