Saturday, October 27, 2007

On the Health Front: Good News & Bad News

■ First, the Good News:
Many of us count on roasted (and, often, salted) peanuts for a quick "pick-me-up." They are yummy, but also less than optimally healthful: the salted ones are high in, of course, salt, and the roasting process can destroy many of the beneficial compounds that the treats originally contained.
According to a study in next Wednesday's edition of the American Chemical Society's Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, "(b)oiling is a better method of preparing peanuts in order to preserve these phytochemicals."
"Boiled Peanuts." Ask for them by name!
■ Now, the Bad:
Judy Mazel, who wrote the 1981 best-selling Beverly Hills Diet, has succumbed to complications from peripheral vascular disease.
The book itself enjoyed its well-deserved "15 minutes," as did its author.
Rest in Peace, Ms Mazel.
■ And then the Sublime:
As we've noted before, the Much-Vaunted NHS continues its downward spiral:
When 6-year-old Chantelle Hill's father, David Hill, contracted lung cancer, the compassion-impaired NHS decided that the contractor really didn't need (deserve?) the life-saving med's that are available at no cost in SCotland, because in England, they're apparently not "an effective use of NHS resources."
And so, the brave little girl has been raising money to pay for her father's chemo; thus far, she's raised enough for about 2 months of treatment by putting up posters asking for help.
Ah, socialized medicine.
Is there anything it can't do?
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