Friday, October 26, 2007

Make Up Your Mind

According to anecdotal reports, a large percentage (perhaps even the majority?) are in favor of a single payor, universal health care plan.

Maybe this is true, maybe not.

But not everyone is in agreement.

Congress should do something to increase the number of health insurers competing for small employers’ business.

This according to a House Small Business Committee hearing.

witnesses at the House Small Business Committee hearing said health insurer consolidation already affects small businesses in markets throughout the country.

So having fewer carriers competing is bad?

A 2006 study, by the American Medical Association, Chicago, found that 95% of the health insurance markets it reviewed had a single insurer with a market share of 30% or greater, and 56% had a single insurer with a market share of 50% or greater, Hughes testified.

So what is the proposal to remedy this situation?

“We believe that the federal government must take steps to correct the current imbalance in the market and address the deceptive, anticompetitive conduct of large, dominant health insurers,” Plested said. “The boundaries of acceptable consolidation in the health insurance market must be reexamined.”

Well there you go. More competition in the market place is good.

Or is it less?

Make up your mind!
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