Sunday, October 14, 2007

Health Care Blogger Code of Ethics

Recently, we submitted InsureBlog for consideration to join the growing ranks of those who have been accredited by the Health Care Bloggers Code of Ethics:
"The Healthcare Blogger Code of Ethics was designed in response to problems experienced by medical bloggers. The goal of this code is twofold
1. To give the readers of a medical blogger a clear idea of the standards by which the blog is maintained.
2. To give bloggers (especially anonymous ones) a clear set of guidelines they can show employers, patients, or other concerned parties as to the nature of the blogging.
Since healthcare blogging is sometimes dealing with extremely sensitive information, it is extremely important that these blogs maintain the highest of integrity."
After several weeks under review, we are pleased to announce that IB has been approved as members of this community. Regular readers know that we take the issue of ethics very seriously here, so we're delighted and proud to be recognized by our medblogger peers.
As members of the HBCE, we're entitled to display its "badge" on our sidebar, which is where it now resides. For more information about what the HBCE certification means, just click here.
Again, Thank You to the folks at HBCE, and most especially Dr Rob Lamberts, who came up with the idea and made it happen.
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