Monday, September 03, 2007

You Can Run (but it ain't free!)

One of the more hare-brained schemes proposed to address our nation's issues with health care funding has been to expand Medicare coverage to folks under age 65. Although many of us have objected to this idea for a variety of reasons, it's kind of nice to have real, unambiguous proof that it would be a poor choice:

"In his drive to kick-start the French economy by creating a culture of hard work, Nicolas Sarkozy believes those who chose to retire early - under 65 - should not benefit from free health care."

Yes, yes, I know: that's France, not us. But a there's a lot of overlap among the folks who push the "Medicare for all" approach and those who advocate a nationalized system of health care. This latter group likes to point to other countries, ones which already have gummint-run health care, as "models" for us to follow (France being one example).

And what has "mes amis" knickers in a bunch? Well, it seems that folks fleeing "the much vaunted NHS" are placing a real drain on the French system [ed: I thought the Brits and the French despised each other?].

Apparently, "thousands of Britons living across France were sent "brutal" letters last week from the department of social security informing them that they would no longer be welcomed as non-paying customers of France's hugely efficient - and traditionally extremely generous - national health service."

Who knew there were so many ex-Britishers living it up in Gay Paree?

According to The Telegraph, "(t)hey will face potentially crippling private health care bills."

But I thought nationalized health care was free?
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