Saturday, September 29, 2007

Medical Tourism (with a twist)

Medical tourism (that is, traveling outside the country for medical care) has been a recurring theme here at IB. The rationale for this phenomenon has been almost exclusively for price; quality of care has been, if considered at all, an afterthought.
But what if that quality of care was the primary reason to travel outside one's native land for needed health care?

And just why did the Hon Ms Stronach make the trip? For treatment of a "later-stage" operation in the U.S. after a Toronto doctor referred her.

But hold on there, pardner. I thought that the "free" Canadian health care system was far superior to our own "broken" one. Why would a leading Canadian pol make the trip stateside if that were true?

Well, one might suppose that since it was her very life on the line, she knew that she could trust good old American know-how over her fellow countrymen's less effective level of care.
Granted, Ms Stronach has some political "issues" of her own (as chronicled by the indefatigable Cap'n Ed), but she apparently knows a good thing when she sees it:

"MacEachern said the decision was made because the U.S. hospital was the best place to have it done due to the type of surgery required."

"The best place."

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