Wednesday, September 12, 2007

L'Shannah Tova, 5768!

Our Jewish readers, as well as half the IB team, celebrate our New Year (Rosh HaShannah - the head of the year) beginning this evening. For some, this is a one-day holiday; others celebrate for two. Regardless, it's less a time of champagne and fireworks as for introspection and rededication.

You may be wondering about that photo. Every week, my better half bakes two special loaves of bread, called challah; one for our family, and one for another, older couple who are among our dearest friends. It is traditional to bake a special challah for Rosh HaShannah; it's the same basic recipe, but the bread is braided into round loaves, and topped with a sprinkling of sugar (for a sweet new year).

Those two pictured above came out of our oven just a few minutes ago (and boy, do I wish we had pod-smelling technology!). What a delightful, special, and meaningful way to usher in the New Year.

This season is also a time to thank those who have been helpful, indeed inspirational to us through the past year. And so I especially thank our readers, and my esteemed co-bloggers: Bob Vineyard, Bill Halper and Mike Feehan.

May your New Year be filled with joy, health, prosperity and peace.
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