Monday, September 17, 2007

The Health Plan to Nowhere

It all started with the bridge to nowhere.

In case you don't recall, Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska threatened to resign from the Senate if appropriations totaling $453M for two Alaska bridges were cut. Approximately half that amount ($223M) was slated to build a bridge from the town of Ketchikan (population 8900) to the airport on the island of Gravina (population 50).

It seems the ferry that is currently used has long waits of 15 - 30 minutes and cost's $6.

The bridge, if built, would be longer than the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge and would be funded by taxpayers.

Apparently the folks in Washington think money is made of paper and there is no reason why they should be held accountable for the way they spend OUR dollars.

Now comes Madame Hillary and her proposal to provide health care for the 47M who are currently without insurance.

"This is not government-run," Clinton said of her plan to extend coverage to an estimated 47 million Americans who now go without.

Not government run, said she.

Perhaps hoping to quell the wrath of insurance carriers.

Nice of her to be inclusive.

She called for a requirement for businesses to obtain insurance for employees, and said the wealthy should pay higher taxes to help defray the cost for those less able to pay for it.

Sure. Make business owners and the wealthy pay for it.

Of course we know (even if she doesn't) that businesses don't pay taxes.

Wonder how she defines wealthy?

How much will it cost you ask?

She put the government's cost at $110 billion a year.

The government's cost.

But the government doesn't have any money.

She must mean the TAXPAYER's cost.

Let's see. $110B to cover 47M uninsured.

That works out to about $2340 per year.

For health care.

For everyone who is not insured now.

Who is she kidding?

Oh yeah. Since the tax will come from the wealthy, the majority of voters will assume that does not include them, so why bother running the numbers?

Sounds like the health plan to nowhere if you ask me.
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