Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Government Made Me Fat

If you are fat, or have lifestyle related health issues, there is good news. It is not your fault.

I have arrived at this conclusion by carefully analyzing comments and responses of prospective clients who come to me looking for individual health insurance. This is not a scientific poll by any stretch, but I still believe it has some level of statistical accuracy.

A case in point.

Yesterday I was contacted by a man who is being downsized . . . so to speak. His job is going away in a few months and he is looking for health insurance. He is 55 years old, highly skilled, with a wife and one child still at home.

Finding a job is going to be tough.

Finding health insurance even tougher.

COBRA will be available but only for 18 months. Covering his family will run around $1300 per month and $400 just for him.

He is 6' 5" and tall and weighs 265.

He also has lost 50 pounds in the last 12 months.

He is on meds for hypertension, cholesterol, depression and RLS.

He is uninsurable.

When I told him of the issues he proceeded to tell me how "my industry" has failed the American public and that is why I will be out of a job in a few years. The government is going to take over my business and I will be out of work.

Sounds to me like the government has conspired to make people fat in order to put me out of work.

Rather than argue with him I suggested he keep my number. If he wants my help he can call, or he can wait on the government to lay me off when they provide health insurance to everyone regardless of their medical condition or ability to pay.

Sure, no problem. When you call just ask for the blue man. I am the one holding my breath while waiting on people to start acting like an adult and taking responsibility for their own actions.
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