Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Carny Tuesday

Okay, the title's a little strange, but the long weekend pushed our favorite Carnivals back (forward?) to today; it's an embarrasment of riches.
First up, the Carnival of Personal Finance is now available over at the Advanced Personal Finance Blog. It follows the now prevalent paradigm of "editor's favorites," followed by a listing of the other submissions. This week is really jam-packed with interesting posts. I found this post, on attaining a secure retirement over at FIRE Finance, pretty interesting.
Over at Emeritus, Dr Emer hosts this week's Grand Rounds. It's his fourth time as host of this prestigious (and no doubt challenging) carnival. He, too, followed the "Top 10 & The the Rest" model, which is fine. In the "Turnabout is Fair Play Department," Allison at Lemonade Life blogs on the patient's perspective. A lot of us will relate to her phone conversation.
And the Carnival of the Capitalists is now available at Welcome to Help, a new blog from the folks who started the CotC. There are plenty of helpful posts, each with useful context.
And while we've been debunking the "myth of the uninsured" here at IB, Warren Meyer at the Coyote Blog has been looking at the latest numbers on "poverty" to similar effect.
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