Monday, September 24, 2007

1901 Reasons Why . . .

Sally Pipes wants to get rid of employer provided health insurance and she has 1,901 reasons why it makes sense.

Get rid of employer-sponsored health care and let workers buy their insurance on their own. Think it's too expensive? It wouldn't be, if we got rid of the miles of red tape that regulate insurance.

The first regulations we need to go after are the 1,901 state-level mandates dictating what health insurance policies must cover.

Why do we have state mandated benefits?

Because politicians need something to justify their reason for holding a position in the state house or senate I suppose.

The interesting thing about Ms. Pipes editorial? She refers to 1,901 mandates.

A report from 2005 by the NCPA lists 1,823 mandates.

Have we really added 78 mandates in two years time?

What are some examples?

According to Ms. Pipes they include:

In Massachusetts, for example, every insurance policy must cover in vitro fertilization, even if you're a 25-year-old male, or a nun. In California, there are 46 such mandates, which drive up the cost of insurance for everyone.

IVF for males & nun's. Yeah, that's got to be a high demand benefit.

Whether the count is 1,901 or 1,823 I think it is evident someone needs to get in touch with reality.
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