Saturday, August 11, 2007

Unconscionable - Update

Almost exactly two months ago, we reported on a sickening story out of Los Angeles:

"(T)he folks in the ER at Los Angeles' Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital and two different 911 dispatchers, who refused to send an ambulance to help the poor woman find some of that reasonable and necessary care. As a result, the 43 year old woman died of massive internal bleeding."

That was apparently the last straw (or close to it):

"Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital shut down its emergency room Friday night and will close entirely within two weeks, a startlingly swift reaction to a federal decision to revoke $200 million in annual funding because of ongoing lapses in care."

On the one hand, that will most certainly create a major health care shortage in that area of LA; on the other, I'm not convinced that's a bad thing, compared with the incredibly poor care MLK was providing.

Hat Tip to Captain's Quarters.
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