Thursday, August 30, 2007

Seen any Pilgrim's (life insurance, that is)?

[Updated - please see below]
A colleague of mine is trying to help one of his clients, and has asked for my assistance. We're looking for a specific carrier: Pilgrim Life Insurance Company of Indianapolis, Indiana.
I've checked with A M Best, and MIB, and the NAIC.
Struck out with each and every one.
Very few companies actually cease to exist altogether; most of those that have "gone missing" have been gobbled up by larger and larger entities (which will eventually stop once Conseco owns every other carrier). I used to have a link to a site that would have helped (one input the name of the target carrier, and the site would return its most recent owner). Alas, that was apparently several PC's ago, and I can no longer find that link.
So, if you've got any suggestions, or know what's become of old PLIC, please let me know, via the comments section (or email), where they ended up.
Thank you!
UPDATE: Thanx to our alert and resourceful (not to mention good-looking) readers, we've tracked 'em down. A special Hat Tip to Fred and Rick, both of whom were able to dig up the relevant contact info. There's actually a really cool story behind this company (and the one which bought it); I'll be blogging on that anon.
UPDATE THE SECOND: You'll find "the rest of the story" here.
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