Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Charity Bleg (Minneapolis)

In the aftermath of last week's bridge collapse, tales of miraculous rescues have come to light.
One which caught my eye -- and my heart -- was of Jeremy Hernandez, a young student mechanic who was forced to cut short his own education due to lack of funds. In the meantime, he was working with Waite House, a community resource center. When the bridge collapsed, apparently only feet in front of the school bus in which he (and some 60 children) were riding, Jeremy immediately set about getting those children to safety.
Because of his heroic actions, the technical school he had previously attended has stepped forward, offering Jeremy a "full ride." Fellow blogger Ed Morrissey (who lives in Minneapolis) has suggested that folks can contribute to Dunwoody's scholarship program in Jeremy's name. To that end, the school has even set up a special category on their on-line contribution form.
I'd like to encourage IB readers to help out, too. Our readership was extraordinarily generous in the aftermath of Katrina, let's see what we can do for Minneapolis, and Jeremy. To get the ball rolling, I've donated $36 (the number 18 has special significance in my faith).
UPDATE: Received this via email (from Dunwoody): "I am writing to thank you very much for your generous online donation to the Jeremy Hernandez Scholarship Fund. I also am writing to inform you that we have changed the name of the fund from the Jeremy Hernandez Scholarship Fund to a fund entitled BETTER PERFORMANCE OF LIFE’S DUTIES FUND. The reason for establishing a broader scholarship fund is any contribution in direct support of Jeremy Hernandez is not eligible as a tax-deductible contribution."
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