Monday, July 02, 2007

Medical Terrorism

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There is a new wave of terror that is infiltrating our country. This movement has it's roots outside of the boundaries of the U.S. but much of it is homegrown. People from all walks of life are being recruited into this cause. Young people and old. Educated and uneducated. Republicans and Democrats are being forced into joining this revolution.

Everywhere you look the media is reporting this threat to our way of life. It isn't bad enough that we have snipers and bombers attacking our troops on foreign soil. Now we are seeing snipers and booby traps in our homeland.

These homegrown terrorists are seeking to replace our way of life with some idealistic systems that are in fact no better than what presently exists. They speak of how much more humane their way of life is compared to the torture inflicted by our own form of care. These terrorists try to overthrow the current system with a war of words from the left side of society.

These are the medical terrorists who want to replace a free market system where all but a very small percentage (around 4%) have unfettered access to the best care in the world. Their misguided ideals have led them to believe that a system totally managed by the government is superior to a free market system.

They claim that government is more efficient in administering health care than the private system, yet they offer no proof to support their view. Yes, this is the same government that pays $2000 for toilet seats and $600 for a hammer.

They point to the salaries of the fat cats running the private health care system as proof positive there is something wrong yet they ignore the wealth of those in Congress who make laws that govern the existing public health care programs.

The medical terrorists say there are people in our country who are underserved by our current system yet they ignore the people who are denied services in countries where the only health care system is a publicly funded one.

Are there problems with our current system? No question. Can things improve? Absolutely. This is especially true as those served by the present system become better buyers of health care.

What we have now is morbid health care obesity fueled by employer subsidized plans with low copays and low deductibles. Those covered participants have unfettered access to health care without worry about the total cost. After all, someone else is paying for it.

They treat their coverage as if it were a rental. No one takes care of a rental car the way they would their own. No one takes care of a rental apartment the same as they would their home. After all, it's a rental and their liability is limited.

This medical terrorism has got to stop. The politicians and news media that pander to these terrorists are simply granting them a stage in which to spew forth their rhetoric.
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