Monday, July 09, 2007

Carnival Monday

This week's Carnival of Personal Finance continues the trend I've grown to like: Jennifer Lynn presents a (relatively) short list of "Editor's Choice" items, followed by a list of the other submissions (most of which included helpful context).
Although I consider myself a "geek," I haven't rushed out to buy an iPhone. For one thing, I really just want my cell to make and receive phone calls, not play music, or shoot video, and I already have a Palm Pilot (all right, it's really a Clie, but I call all PDA's "Pilots"). So I really appreciated The Money Well's take on our need for "instant gratification," with the iPhone being his springboard. Interesting.
And the Carnival of the Capitalists is also up, hosted this week by The Married Cook Guy (now there's a fellow foodie!). Like the CoPF, our host chose a handful (10) of posts to highlight. While I'm pleased that we made the cut (ours is, in fact, the top post), I was disappointed that the posts that didn't weren't linked in any way. Still, that's the host's prerogative.
Since my industry seems to take a lot of grief in the profit-motive department, I found The Time and Money Group 's comparison of profit margins in different industries quite eye-opening.
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