Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's in Your Wallet?

If you had a choice, between privately funded, privately managed health coverage and one provided by the taxpayer, which would you choose?

The results may be surprising . . .

Americans living in Canada compare the U.S. system with the Canadian system.

Seventy-four percent rated the overall quality of US health care as excellent or good, compared with 50% who gave this rating to Canadian health care.

The features of the US system rated most positively were timeliness and quality; those rated most highly in the Canadian system were equity and cost-efficiency.

The most negatively viewed features of the US system were cost/inefficiency and inequity; those of the Canadian system were wait times and personnel shortages.

While this may be considered unscientific, the survey does reflect perception. While facts may support one system over another, if those using the system are not pleased it does not matter what the scientific data suggests. Perception becomes reality.
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