Saturday, June 02, 2007

Strange Bedfellows

The column by Jack Lohman about campaign donations thwarting health care reform ended my procrastination about writing (another) letter regarding the need for significant health care reform. Lohman stated that "a million more in campaign dollars" came from "the bankruptcy attorneys, who also like things just as they are, with over half of all bankruptcies involving exorbitant medical debt."

This is not new information. For several years medical bills (and related issues) have contributed to half of all bankruptcies. The average unpaid debt in BK filings?

About $13,000.

That is pathetic.

I have met many people with no insurance or such poor coverage that they are virtually uninsured. Some need surgeries and cannot have them since the hospital will not treat them; some are unable to work due to health problems that cannot be corrected for lack of insurance, so they can't earn health insurance coverage

Earn health insurance coverage. Interesting way to phrase it.

Especially from someone who proposes a single payor system.

Medical providers are the primary source of wage garnishment after getting judgments against uninsured and underinsured people.

Wonder how many people who can afford coverage, but choose to go naked, would change their mind if they read this?
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