Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sauce for Goose, #4

For all the enthusiasm expended by those who want to see Canadian-style, big government health care implemented here, I think it's fascinating that those who actually live it aren't necessarily so hot on it.
And it's not just a few grumbling malcontents who seem to prefer a more, oh, private type of system:
Turns out, former Canuck leaders Paul Martin, Jean Chretien and Joe Clark have all been availaing themselves of these private clinics (of which there are apparently quote a few, putting the lie to those who tout this as an ideal system).
And even among those who do choose the services of the nationalized system, a little "some are more equal than others" appears to be the order of the day:
"(U)nion leader Buzz Hargrove, president of the Canadian Autoworkers, proved a master at "queue jumping" when he got in for an MRI within 24 hours of injuring his leg."
"Queue jumping." Heh. Careful there, Buzz, don't want to sprain an ankle and require any more free health care.
But even those accused of "bashing" the Canadian system (such as Dr Day) aver that "(n)o doctor in Canada I know wants a U.S. system."
Sure, whatever you say, Doc.
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