Monday, June 18, 2007

Excellent Carnival Monday!

Wow: Two outstanding business/finance related carnivals this morning. Be forearned, though, both are chock full of posts (not a bad thing, BTW).
We'll take them alphabetically:
The Carnival of the Capitalists, hosted this week at Blog Business World, features 30 posts in 5 categories. Most include helpful context, as well.
The issue of ethics has been a recurring theme here at IB, so I was impressed with this post at the Sox First blog. In it, host Leon Gettler poses a series of questions to help new employees understand how a given company handles ethical conundrums.
Meanwhile, over at the Carnival of Personal Finance, host JD (blogging at Get Rich Slowly) offers up a mind-boggling 85 posts, most with helpful commentary. He's sprinkled some cleverly-chosen videos throughout - a lot of fun!
Since this edition marked the second anniversary of the Carnival, the theme was "favorite posts" from the past two years, and a lot of folks (including us) took that seriously. And you'd think that with over 7 dozen choices, it'd be hard to pick a favorite.
But it really wasn't:
Some 16 months ago, Jim at Blueprint to Financial Prosperity penned a heartfelt and important reminder that the map is not the territory, and we are not our assets, but so much more. Recommended.
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