Monday, May 28, 2007

NFIB Hit's & Misses

NFIB members also think it is fair to underwrite individuals on a variety of factors that influence health expenses, especially those involving personal behaviors. For example, 89 percent of the respondents said they were in favor of hiking premiums for smokers, and 79 percent say body mass and weight should also be considered in the cost of premiums.

OK, that's a hit.

Still, they don't think any of these factors should be grounds for insurance denial.

And a miss . . .

Seems the folks at NFIB have no clue how much obesity can impact overall quality of life and the way it relates to health issues.

Just last week I talked to a guy in his 40's who was 5' 9" and "about" 450 pounds.


According to him, his only health problem was hypertension and it was in the good range thanks to medication.

Right . . .

He was incredulous when I told him there were no carriers that would accept his application for health insurance. He couldn't believe they would accept smokers but not him.

I couldn't believe he said that.

Rather than forcing employers to provide health coverage to employees, 63 percent think that tax credits are the best approach.

Tax credits are nice, as long as you pay taxes.

Most of the folks who need a break are in the lowest marginal tax bracket and tax credits mean little to them.

That's another miss.
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